10 Things You Should Know About Becoming an Interior Designer

10 Things You Should Know About Becoming an Interior Designer
If you are the type of person who is constantly praised for your decorating choices, always asked by friends and family for design advice and spend your free time pinning interior trends – interior design may be your calling. Before you take the career leap, here are some facts to consider about becoming an interior designer.

1. You need to harness and explore your creative flair
A critical eye for understanding space, an intuition for balance and harmony, and an obsession for colour are just some of the indicators that you might possess a natural flair for interior design.  It is this raw talent that can form the foundation of your long and successful career.

2. It’s not about sharing the same tastes
You are employed to service the interior design needs of your client, not to enforce your individual sense of style and design.  If they want mustard coloured walls with a red feature, smile politely.  It is your job however, to be the voice of reason when it comes to issues of safety and functionality. Professionals broach such topics professionally – being a ‘people person’ is a skill to master.

3. You will be running a business
If you opt for the freelance interior design route, keep in mind that you will be in charge of running your own interior design business as well.  This means dealing with such things as invoicing, administration and marketing.  If you are not familiar with business arena, you may need to polish up such skills or enlist the help of someone who is.

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4. Your work schedule is yours to design

As a freelance interior design, your hours are your own and you get to decide your schedule.  This may be coupled with sleepless nights of concern over the colour of 2mm squared tile, but bask in the knowledge that you decide your wake up call.

5. A degree is not required
There are no formal qualifications you need when becoming an interior designer.  Specialised skills and knowledge are a must however, and it’s advisable to back up your basic intuition with further studies.  Courses like the one offered by The Interior Design Academy set you up with the fundamentals and put you on a path to stay ahead of the game.

6. Being organised while multi-tasking is a necessity
As you success grows, so too will the number of interior design projects you have on the go at the one time.  Working on multiple projects with multiple clients overseeing multiple designs, decisions and details will make up the majority of your day. Make sure you have it in you – and enough for everyone else.

Multi-tasking as an interior designer

7. It will take time to build a reputable name
Building a solid foundation for your interior design business will take time.  In this start up period, it’s ideal to assist friends and family to boost your portfolio and encourage word of mouth about your services.  Your hard work will pay off, quite literally.

8. The salary can be great
Your salary will be largely dependent on the work you do, your experience and your location. As you build your way up the rungs of the interior design world, so too will your income reflect this.

9. You will face challenges
Unfortunately, interior design is not all colour and balance.  As with anything in life, you will likely experience with projects that go wrong and have to deal with difficult clientele.  Your defining factor however will be in how you choose to take these situations on board and learn each time for the next time.

10. It’s a rewarding job
Witnessing your creative designs come to life while knowing you have enhanced a space for its occupants is the ultimate satisfaction. Sharing that joy with your thrilled clients is second to none.  Psychologists say that if you find a job you love, you’ll never work another day in your life.

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